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Glass Wind Improvisations

A collection of Mark Eliot's playable glass objects, some of which were were blown during the performance, were improvised on by myself, Alex Powrie, Jim Denley and Shota Matsumura. 

The performance occurred during the opening of Eliott's exhibition at 107 Projects Redfern, on 27th March 2017.

Along the lines of the Garden PalacePerformed by Mimi Kind and Elia Bosshard
Along the lines of the Garden Palace


This piece was composed for a concert within Jonathan Jones’ exhibition Barrangal Dyara (Skin and Bones), curated by Kaldor Public Arts, and was written for two flautists (myself and Elia Bosshard). It was performed in September 2016.

Echoes of the Garden Palace explores the technique of simultaneously singing/playing  the flute, allowing the possibility of having 4-6 melodic lines between two players. (a very soft third line can be produced through the interaction between the flute note and the sung note), It also explores the unusual timbres generated in the intervals of the sung/played notes.

The technique was a little difficult at first and required some practice from Elia and myself, and much workshopping of the piece.

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