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I’m currently taking commissions for electromagnet works, as part of my Elma body of work. Each piece will be slightly different, and a general sense of how they will be can be seen through the Elma IV and Elma V videos on this page. 

Elma V consists of two self-made electromagnets in playful interaction. A circuit switching each electromagnet component on/off causes their steel pins to wiggle and generates attraction between components.

The piece presents energy in a raw form, whilst simultaneously arranging the elements in an organismic structure. Kind is drawn to electricity and magnetism, as forces with mysterious qualities that evoke a sense of ’life' to the objects they act upon and travel within. Electricity flows from the circuit, through twisted cable and a copper coil wrapped tightly on a machined steel rivet, producing a magnetic force that brings a vitality to the delicately weighted elements in Elma V.


Their cost starts from $1400 for a pair. This will include the electromagnet pieces, cable and an electronics box that powers them. Further options can be discussed.


A pair measures 6 x 32 x 4cm (not including the copper cable that suspends them).


For enquiries, please email

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