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Chrissie Cotter Gallery, 2021 

Push/Pull consists twenty-five self-made electromagnets in a swarm of playful interaction. Their steel pins oscillate and attraction between components occurs as a circuit/Arduino switches electromagnets on/off.


The piece presents energy in a raw form, whilst simultaneously arranging the elements in an organismic structure. Kind is drawn to electricity and magnetism, as forces with mysterious qualities that evoke a sense of ’life' to the objects they act upon and travel within.


Steel Rivets machined by Tom Kind 

Photo and video: Tom Kind

Circuit designed by Tony Wheeler

Machined steel rivet, hand wound copper coil, epoxy, aluminium sheet, steel wire, steel washer, copper cable, electronics circuit + arduino, 12V power supply, 5 V power supply 

Push/Pull was supported by Inner West Council and Australia Council for the Arts. 

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