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Rhythm Machine


<< Mimi Kind, Lilli Pearse and Geena Cheung performing on the Rhythm Machine in May 2016 at the Vivid: Sound Gardens at the Con festival. 


The rhythm machine has been an ongoing project since late 2015, culminating in an instrument that Kind plays in various setups.

See footage of the full performance here

See a review in Limelight Magazine here ​

Tom Kind assisted with some of the engineering components when building the instrument. The Rhythm Machine consists of an extended wood lathe and variable speed controller. Cable ties are attached to PVC pipe, and these pluck amplified rubber bands on tin cans.

From December 2015 Kind began working with Geena Cheung and Lilli Pearse, as they workshopped their performance technique on the instrument, performing several gigs of improvised music on the Rhythm Machine. These included playing at the Alaska Projects:REMIEIEMBER, Sunday Sounds at Parliament Cafe, and the 2016 NOWnow festival of experimental music.

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