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Spin Cycle 2 

Fieldwork, Studio One 2021

With Elia Bosshard and Alex Spence. 

Spin Cycle 2 exists in motions of playful frenzy. Each element has its own looping rhythms and, moving at a slightly different speed to its neighbouring elements, a subtle phasing is created. 


In the centre of each element are four small PC fans which fall into a constant path of motion. This is due to the fans being connected together in particular distance, shape and voltage parameters. Small shakers at different pitches are woven into the elements. 


The installation is lightweight and suspended, harnessing air as it’s driving force. Its delicateness allows it to the subtly interrupted by the surrounding environment in ways which have more in common with cycles of nature than with movement of a machine.

PC fans, steel gauze, electrical cable, paper straws, thread, aluminium bar, power supplies, aluminium sheet, washi tape, steel balls. ​

Photo credit title image: Tom Kind

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