Mimi Kind is an artist from Sydney, Australia, who creates kinetic sound sculptures and installations. Her works involve realising the organic, lively nature within objects through sound and movement. 


Captured within her development as an artist is the transition from classically trained flautist observing the traditions of Western art music, to a composer creating structures and prescribing outcomes to performers, to an artist who creates and assembles autonomous objects, in the form of experimental instruments and kinetic sound installations.


Whilst she has not had formal training in art, she has been mentored by several renowned instrument builders/installation artists including Robbie Avenaim, Ernie Althoff, and electrical engineer Tony Inkster and father, industrial designer Tom Kind, and Swiss installation artist Zimoun. 


Kind holds a Bachelor of Music Studies (majoring in Composition) and consequently, a sophisticated understanding of sound, with her own practice striving to release and organise unique sounds from objects. She involves kinetic elements within her works, through the use of mechanical and electrical elements in space. 


In 2018, Kind undertook a 6 month mentorship with Robbie Avenaim, exploring the sonic aspects of Kinds practice and will culminating with an exhibition at the Testing Grounds, Melbourne. Also in 2018, Kind interned with Swiss installation artist, Zimoun for 9 months in Bern, Switzerland. She is now based in her studio in Berlin and Sydney. 

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