Mimi Kind is an artist from Sydney, Australia, who creates kinetic sound sculptures and installations. Her works involve realising the organic, lively nature within objects through movement and sound.


As her works often elicit personal responses to inorganic matter and energetic operators such as electricity, Kind hopes to inspire reflection upon our relationship with the substances and energies making up our world. With an interest in inanimate objects that seemingly have a vitality and life to them, this blurring of the animate and inanimate is explored through kinetic sound sculpture.


Captured within her development as an artist is the transition from classically trained flautist observing the traditions of Western art music, to a composer creating structures and prescribing outcomes to performers, to an artist who creates and assembles autonomous objects, in the form of experimental instruments and kinetic sound installations. She involves kinetic elements within her works through the use of mechanical and electrical elements in space. 

Photo: Tom Kind